Training programme completed

In the period 21-28 May 2017 the NOC of France hosted the 2nd session of the Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme. As the local organiser of the event, the NOC of France has provided the logistics and organised the session at their headquarters in Paris, France. Clemence Coudert and Aurelie Crocq from the NOC of France stood behind good organisation. The NOC of Croatia, as the coordinator of the project, is thankful to both of them and to the NOC of France for hosting and organising the session successfully.

The purpose of the training programme was to educate and mentor women in order to prepare them for more demanding positions in sport, as well as to promote and raise gender awareness and commitment to gender mainstreaming for board members and personnel in leading positions in sport.

Total of 48 women from Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Lithuania and Slovakia took part in the training programme. They were able to learn about the theoretical concepts and apply them in practice. Each participant had a mentor to support them during the training programme, which lasted for 7 months.

The main products of the training programme were the case studies developed by participants and hopefully implemented by their sport organisations. Summaries of the case studies can be found on this website and full versions requested directly from participants.