Partner organisations are National Olympic Committees of Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Lithuania and Slovakia.

1. Croatia

01_Hrvatski olimpijski odbor_

Croatian Olympic Committee
Hrvatski olimpijski odbor, HOO

The Croatian Olympic Committee (NOC of Croatia) is the highest non-governmental sport organisation in Croatia. The NOC of Croatia creates conditions for the development of sports and the Olympic movement in Croatia. It is responsible for the implementation of the public needs programme and allocation of funds to the national sport federations. The public needs programme is related to the activities of the NOC of Croatia and national sport federations, the organisation and implementation of national championships and international sporting competitions of a representative level, and care of top-level athletes. Members of the NOC of Croatia are national sports federations and regional sports associations including the other associations and institutions of interest to the Croatian sport and the activities of the NOC of Croatia. According to the Statute of the NOC of Croatia, one of NOC’s tasks is to support the equality of women in sport in Croatia. The Commission on Equal Opportunities in Sport meets on regular basis to discuss issues related to gender equality in sport. The Commission has formed a network of women in sport in Croatia and it actively works on gender issues in sports.

2. Czech Republic

02_Ceski olimpijski odbor_

Czech Olympic Committee
Český olympijský výbor, ČOV

The Czech Olympic Committee (NOC of Czech Republic) is a sport association that develops and disseminates the Olympic ideals in the Czech Republic. Members of the NOC’s assembly are national sports federations, athletes who participated in the Olympics, the IOC members, representatives of the NOC’s bodies, people demonstrating outstanding services to sport and Olympism, meritorious and honourable members. The Commission on Equal Opportunities in Sport organises a number of regular activities and initiatives such as the Award “Women coach/trainer of the Year”, and leisure competitions in golf and cross-country skiing for women. The Commission’s study “Women and Sport in the Czech Republic”, published in 2005, scrutinised the main motivation and experiences of women in sport in general, examines the main obstacles women face in the access to decision making, high-level coaching and officiating positions, and investigates gender-based violence and harassment in sport. In September 2015, the Commission organised the first edition of its most recent initiative – the “Leadership seminar for women in sport”.

3. France

03_francuski olimpijski odbor_

French National Olympic and Sports Committee
Comité national olympique et sportif français, CNOSF

The French National Olympic and Sports Committee (NOC of France) promotes the fundamental principles and values of Olympism. Members of the NOC’s assembly are national sport federations and associate members, multisport federations and federations with members having a common affinity, school and university sport federations, and associate members. The NOC of France organizes and leads the French delegation at the Olympic Games and competitions patronized by the IOC. It also refers to the French cities bidding to host the Olympic event. Representing the entire sports movement in the territory, the NOC of France brings together national sports federations and French sports associations. The NOC of France organised national seminars to promote gender equality for decision-making jobs in sport structures and participated in European formations (ENTER program 2007-2011) and conducted the WILD program (2009-2010). The NOC of France organized the IOC World Conference on Women and Sport in Paris in 2000 and the EWS European conference in Paris in 2004. It is also one of the signatory parties of the Charter of Equality elaborated in 2004.

4. Italy

04_Talijanski olimpijski odbor_

Italian National Olympic Committee
Comitato Olympico Italiano, CONI

The Italian National Olympic Committee (NOC of Italy) is a public entity responsible for the organisation and strengthening of national sports and the promotion of maximum proliferation of sport. The NOC of Italy forms the Confederation of Sports Federations and Associated Disciplines. It has a presence in 102 Provinces and 19 Regions, it endorses 45 National Sports Federations, 19 Associated Disciplines, 14 National Sports Promotional Bodies and 1 local, and 20 Meritorious Associations. These organisations represent around 95,000 sports clubs and a total of around 11 million members (Source: Istat and Censis). The NOC of Italy leads, maintains and coordinates the organisation of sport activities throughout the country. It sets the basic principles for the regulation of sport activities and for the protection of athletes’ health in order to ensure the regular and proper conduct of competitions and championships. Among other things, the NOC of Italy sets principles against exclusion, inequality, racism and xenophobia, and sets forth and promotes appropriate action against all forms of violence and discrimination in sport.

5. Lithuania

05_Litvanski olimpijski odbor_

National Olympic Committee of Lithuania
Lietuvos tautinis olimpinis komitetas, LNOC

The National Olympic Committee of Lithuania (NOC of Lithuania) is an independent organisation that participates in the world Olympic movement. The NOC of Lithuania actively participates in the preparation of Lithuanian athletes for the Olympic Games and supports the development of Olympic sports programmes in Lithuania. According to specific criteria, the NOC of Lithuania also offers support to Olympic sport federations. The NOC of Lithuania also helps run programmes that help sports specialists increase their qualifications, supports sports science and medical development. The NOC of Lithuania had organised the national women’s leadership project “Lets start the change!” in 2014. Total of 18 participants from Lithuanian sports organisations (employees of sports organisations and former elite athletes) attended the special project for women. However, there is still only one president woman of the Olympic sports federation. Following the IOC’s recommendations and the EOC’s example, a Women and Sport commission was established in 2013 by the NOC’s president Mrs Daina Gudzineviciute.

6. Slovakia

06_Slovacki olimpijski odbor_

Slovak Olympic Committee
Slovenský olympijský výbor, SOV

The Slovak Olympic Committee (NOC of Slovakia) rules the Olympic movement in the Slovak Republic. The NOC of Slovakia associates Olympic sport federations, non-Olympic sport federations, other sport organizations and associations, members of the athletes’ commission, individual members and president of the NOC of Slovakia, as well as the member of the International Olympic Committee. The mission of the NOC of Slovakia is to universally contribute to the development of sports in the Slovak Republic, to spread and to popularize basic principles and values of Olympism, to expand the Olympic heritage through sports, to contribute to harmonic development of a human being, mutual understanding and friendship among nations and to deepen peaceful coexistence. The NOC of Slovakia has a one affiliate organization – Slovak Olympic Marketing – that is in charge of all marketing and commercial activities. The Women and Sport Commission is actively participating in the initiatives of the International Olympic Committee. On a national level, they organise seminars and sessions that provide women with the opportunity to actively participate in sports and network on a national level. The aim of those activities is to encourage women to work in sport.