Lithuanian participants met at the headquarters of LTOK

lithuanian-participants-meet-in-vilnius-2016-2Participants of the Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme from Lithuanian sport organisations attended the follow-up meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania that was organised on 12 October 2016 at the headquarters of the NOC of Lithuania by Lithuanian National Coordinator Vaida Masalskyte.

Participants were informed about the details of the 1st training session in Rome, Italy, e.g. traveling arrangements, accommodation, facilities, lecturers, participants, programme etc. Since participants are going to have to develop case studies during the course of their studies, Vaida Masalskyte used that opportunity to introduce the concept of case studies to participants and show them where they can find the templates that were designed especially for them – on the Intranet pages of the SUCCESS website, which will be used for mentoring purposes throughout the lifetime of the project.

Lithuanian participants were excited that their training will begin in only few days, i.e. on 16 October 2016.

lithuanian-participants-meet-in-vilnius-2016-3Lithuanian participants have received encouragement and support from the president of the NOC of Lithuania Daina Gudzineviciute at the time of the 1st meeting with participants which was held on 16 June 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The NOC of Lithuania is proud to have a woman in the main leadership role and we are all looking up to them.