Italian participants teaming at the premises of CONI

italian-participants-meet-in-rome-2016The representatives of Italian sport organisations have gathered at CONI’s central headquarters to prepare for the Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme starting next week at the Italian Olympic Training Center Giulio Onesti in Rome, Italy.

Participants were highly motivated and prepared to start their first educational programme on management and leadership in sport. They have used this opportunity to share about their experiences and activities since their first meeting in Rome when they have first met to sign the scholarship agreements. Participants talked about the changes that were being implemented in own organisations in the past months, paving the way to the focus on the forthcoming educational week.

Participants expressed their interest in different activities of the training programme, such as the composition of working groups and mentoring, which were presented in detail by the National Coordinator Daniela Drago from CONI. Questions about the topics of participants’ case studies illustrated the depth of their interest and involvement in the upcoming training programme.

One of the Italian participants, Elvira Di Spigno, Deputy Secretary General of the Italian Table Tennis Federation, is also a member of CONI’s Equal Opportunities Commission, thus offering a direct link with the Italian body competent for gender equality in sport.