Implementation of the Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme

Foto di Ferdinando Mezzelani-Gmt (c)

Foto di Ferdinando Mezzelani-Gmt (c)

The Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme is divided into two sessions. The first session was held on 16-23 October 2016 in Rome, Italy.

A total of 48 National Federations and sport organisations from 6 European countries have been represented by a candidate participating in the training programme.

Participants were women who already work in top management and leadership positions in sport organisations or women identified as future leaders of sport organisations in their countries.

Intense working programme covered the key areas of management – organising the sport organisation, managing strategically, managing finance, managing human resources, managing marketing and organising major sport event – as well as a series of leadership workshops designed especially for women in sport organisations.

The second session will be held on 21-28 May 2017 in Paris, France.