Diploma award ceremony

On 30 June 2017 the NOC of Croatia organised a diploma award ceremony for participants of the Sport Management and Leaderhsip Training Programme. Secretary General of the NOC of Croatia Josip Čop congratulated participants on successful completion of the training programme. Vice-president of the NOC of Croatia Morana Paliković Gruden acknowledged participants’ efforts and success while presenting the following participants with certificates of attendance issued by the NOC of Croatia:

  • Vera Begić Blečić, Board Member of the Rijeka Sport’s Association,
  • Mirjana Bošnjak Kobaš, Secretary General of the Sport Association of Vinkovci,
  • Melita Juratek Cipek, Secretary General of the Croatian Skating Federation,
  • Snježana Jurinić, President of the Sport Community of City of Zadar,
  • Dragana Majcen, Secretary General of the Croatian Dancesport Federation,
  • Nataša Preis-Bedenik, Secretary General of the Croatian Triathlon Federation,
  • Mirna Rajle Brođanac, Expert Associate of the Sport Association of Osijek-Baranja County, and
  • Ivana Ruszkowski, Secretary General of the Croatian Cycling Federation.


The Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme was organised by the consortium of National Olympic Committees from 6 EU Member States: Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Lithuania and Slovakia. It was delivered in the period 16 October 2016 – 28 May 2017 during which participants attended two training sessions. Between sessions, participants worked on their assignments with the support of their mentors.

The Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme has helped participants to develop the ability to apply theory to practice, allowed participants to synthesize fundamental knowledge and skills, gave them a deeper insight into management and leadership, improved their problem-solving skills, and developed their ability to think critically about the subject. They had the opportunity to interact with their peers from other countries, to conceptualise and present ideas to others, to develop communication/presentation skills, and to developed abilities and skills in sport management and leadership.

Ivana Ruszkowski

Dragana Majcen

Melita Juratek Cipek

Mirna Rajle Brođanac

Nataša Preis-Bedenik

Snježana Jurinić

Vera Begić Blečić

Mirjana Bošnjak Kobaš