Czech participants preparing for the training session in Rome

czech-participants-meet-in-prague-2016-2Czech participants of the Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme – Tereza Doušová, Lenka Kovářová, Karolína Kříženecká, Milena Moulisová, Hana Schlangerová, Nicole Stava, Petra Vozobulová and Barbora Žehanová – met nereby the picturesque town of Bechyně in Southern Bohemia, to prepare for the 1st training session that will be held in Rome, Italy in the period 16-23 October 2016.


czech-participants-meet-in-prague-2016-3Each participant made a short presentation about own organisation, challenges and expectations from SUCCESS Project, and National Coordinators – Jana Janotova and Radana Kubešova – took this opportunity to inform participants about the requirements and other details related to the training programme. The meeting was organised in cooperation with the Equal Opportunities in Sport Commission of the NOC of Czech Republic, which held its leadership seminar for women in sport at the same time.