Croatian participants met in Zagreb


Mirjana Bošnjak Kobaš, Melita Juratek Cipek, Dragana Majcen, Snježana Jurinić and Nataša Preis-Bedenik on 6 October 2016

Before the beginning of the 1st training session of the Sport Management and Leadership Programme in Rome, Italy, participants from Croatia have met each other, some of them for the first time. They have also learned about the details of the training programme, profile of expert lecturers, some practical arrangements and other details concerning their preparation before the trip to Italy.

The meeting was organised at the premises of the Croatian Olympic Committee in Zagreb, Croatia.

Since not all participants were able to attend the meeting on 6 October 2016, another meeting was organised the following day – on 7 October 2016 – to give them the opportunity to be fully informed and prepared before the session begins.


Vera Begić Blečić, Mirna Rajle Brođanac and Ivana Ruszkowski on 7  October 2016