Eva Gazova

Managing Strategically in Special Olympics Slovakia

Reason to carry out this case study was the necessity to carry on the strategic management of the Special Olympic Slovakia. Special Olympic Slovakia is responsible to follow principles of strategy of the Special Olympics International where inclusion is the priority. The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year round sports training and competition programme for children and adults with intellectual disabilities in variety of Olympic sports. To increase awareness of Special Olympics Slovakia towards the Government and public, to keep satisfied sponsors, volunteers and supporters, to improve athlete´s progress we realized that the strategic management is the key to success achieving long-term goals. The Special Olympics Slovakia did not implement such procedures yet.

The case study analyze problems and underlying causes that lead to the major problems:  Increase Inclusion through Unified Sports particularly in schools and increase access to Unified Sports for all age groups. Based on stakeholder and SWOT analysis and using the practical knowledge it was  determined, that there is a low awareness of Special Olympics through Unified Sport and lack of Unified Clubs and Unified Schools in Slovakia. Thanks to working on the case study in this area, it was realized that developing a strategy is necessary for the movement. Alternative solutions with specifying advantages and disadvantages were evaluated.  Afterword, we specify suggested implementation process. The benefit will be seen externally as well as internally.

There is a hope that through implementation and practicing Unified sport in schools and in sport clubs, a place will be created where no student or athlete is excluded, because of intellectual disability, or because of the services required to meet his/her needs. To achieve this, Government and Special Olympics Slovakia must support a socially inclusive school/ sport club climate that emphasizes acceptance, respect and human dignity for all participants. Long term strategic plan is all set up to fulfil this goal.

Managing Human Resources in the Special Olympics Slovakia

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Eva Gazova

National Director

Special Olympics Slovakia


Dubova 33 A, Samorin 931 01, Slovakia