Lina Budreckaite

The Complexity of Lithuanian Wake Community and Main Challenges

The purpose of this short study is to address the challenges and complexity of the first steps and attempts to form a community, which would have a legal background for the relatively young sport in Lithuania: wakeboarding.

As of today the sport itself is getting more and more popular, therefore the need of structuralized legal unit is growing rapidly. Moreover, there are more and more stakeholders who are interested in the wellbeing of this sport.

The issues analyzed all lie under the missing unification and common plan of how the wakeboarding as a sport should develop in the near and further future. Also, as it is not the first sport experiencing these problems, there are quite some examples that could be taken as a role model. A good thing about wakeboarding is that it is a very favorable and accessible sport for everybody who wants to try it or just to watch it. That is why the findings of this short study concludes that only some time, further development and experience could help build a strong community and its members.

The situation will be discussed based on Camy, Jean, Robinson, Leigh et. al. “Managing Olympic Sport Organizations” findings of organizing an Olympic sport organization. Therefore, there will be a short overview about political, sociocultural, economic and legal factors given as well as the impact of the operating context discussed.

This short insight will be structured as follow: firstly, a more detail problematic area will be introduced. Then the background and different factors introduced. Some finalizing thought and recommendations will follow, but the main resolving ideas will be outlined in the conclusion.

Marketing of Emerging Wake Community and Main Challenges

The purpose of this short study is to show how marketing can help enter sports’ market and help to spread and practice the sport more and more as well as assign athletes to take part in international events and competitions. A perfect example of this situation would be wakeboarding in Lithuania.

Wakeboarding is counting only 5th season in Lithuania this year, but other sports could easily look up to it and learn some key points on how to make the sport attractive to the end user. How and why this happened will be discussed in this paper. The ideas will be detailed as follow:

  • The short picture of wakeboarding marketing in Lithuania and how it affected the sport will be introduced;
  • The reasons why this happened with academic rationale will be outlined;
  • The biggest challenges and problems faced will be given as well as the tools which are used to eliminate them.

After all the above points will be discussed some finalizing thought and recommendations to other sports as well as the key point missing for wakeboarding community will be introduced and finalized in the concluding part.


Lina Budreckaitė

Managing director

“Wake Inn” wake park


Vytauto st. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania