Sabina Fasciolo

Managing Human Resources in FIGC


When I joined FIGC about a year ago, I was assigned the responsibility of the Legal Affairs department.

I noticed several problems within the department after a while and I started to think how to improve and change the situation, under a point of view of both internal working environment and perception of the office by the internal «clients».

My belief is that such change would also lead to an improvement of the performance of the office and of the Football Association in the end.

This is the summary of my analysis, as I drafted it, now that – after and thank to the Success Programme – I feel more conscious of what I have done, what I want to do and what I should do to reach my targets.

I therefore will start to illustrate the present situation, the analysis of the problems encountered, also by using of the SWOT analysis scheme (that curiously shows more weaknesses and threats than strengths and opportunities), and by ending up with the solutions identified.

Managing Finance in FIGC

 Implementation of an integrated IT administrative accounting and control system




During the last couple of years, the Administration Finance and Control Department of the Italian Football Association (“FA”) has been bringing out, to the attention of the top management, the need to renovate the IT architecture effecting the Administration system and the rest of the processes of the FA, by implementing an integrated IT management system supporting the activities of the office in accounting, taxation, budgeting and controlling.

Such renewal and change would lead to an improvement of the performance of the administration office and of the whole FA as a whole in the end, bringing the management of the relevant processes up to the level required by the new reorganization of the Association and by the sports and commercial environment nowadays.

In a nut-shell, the IT architecture supporting the activities of accounting and management control showed (and still show, as the project is on-going) significant problems and critical issues due to

the obsolescence of the IT supports (inconsistency and incompatibility among the Microsoft applications and the accounting system, requiring the use of versions of Office previous to 2003);

the lack of integration among the different and various IT systems and software of the Association;

the lack of automatic processes for the execution of the some basic function within the accounting organization.

I will therefore illustrate our analysis, in a moment in which we are starting to use the system throughout the whole Football Association: inevitably the advantages are still not evident and “revealed” to all (as the disadvantages and problems have not completely arisen yet), although they will be by the end of the present year 2017.

Shortly, the presentation will show the status of the initial panorama, the analysis of the problems encountered or foreseen – also by using the SWOT analysis scheme – by ending up with the conclusions and the lesson learned.


Sabina Fasciolo

Head of Legal Affairs and Compliance

Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (Italian Football Association)


Via Gregorio Allegri, 14 – 00198 Rome – Italy