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Organising the French Badminton Federation

France government voted for a territorial reform (Law NOTRe – n° 2015-991 August 7th 2015 [1]) to establish 13 new stronger and more efficient metropolitan regions. This reform changed significantly territorial organisation of sport, building less regional territories but larger ones. Moreover during the recent election, in November 2016, badminton regional leagues have shown their rejections of the federal governance, by electing a new unwaited president. French Badminton Federation (FFBaD) would like to use the territorial reform as a springboard for a better governance and coordination with regional leagues.

The merging of 22 leagues to only 12 metropolitan regional leagues would be a good opportunity for a better sharing of the federal project and the involvement of each other’s in  development of badminton. To identify the underlying causes and find solutions of gap built up between the federal policy and its application on the territory, with a rise of contesting, stakeholders diagram, SWOT analysis and problems and goals trees were used.

Causes pointed out are lack of off-duty resources of the leagues, few trust and badly sharing between the actors and inefficiency management between leagues and FFBaD during last olympiad. To solve it different solutions have been proposed. Those proposed are : allocate partially FFBaD’s technical staff to support each league, associate leagues in elaboration of the FFBaD’s project and in decision-making, determine the roles, responsibilities and missions of each actors. Advantages and disadvantages of these alternative solutions have been evaluated. Such sharing need more energy, more time in decision-making and more funds for meetings. Management of technical staff could be less easy. Nevertheless these solutions would probably solve the gap built up between federal policy and its application on territory.

FFBaD has implemented these proposals as soon as January 2017 organising one meeting with the leagues and a summit with various actors of badminton to share different points of views. They resulted in building of a sharing federal project for this olympiad, still under construction.

Organising French Badminton Federation major sport events


France is one of the leaders considering sustainable development and showed the way by organising the COP 21. French Sport Federations are quite concerned in the limitation of their impacts on planet. The candidacy Paris 2024 is based on this approach for sustainable OG. This craze is also showed in terms of innovation with an important involvement of companies supporting sustainable events.

Badminton French federation clearly decided to get involved in sustainable development approach to contribute not only on the environment aspect, but also on society and economics parts. Sport has an educational role and can become an inspiration for a wide amount of people (athletes, fans, TV and stadium audience, institutions, sponsors…). Badminton subscribe to such values and would like to share it with all its license holders. Organising events in accordance to sustainable development are one of the way to educate various badminton actors. One of the major problem is to well integrated such approach in big sport events. Convince the events organisers to adopt such approach is complex but could be the key. To identify the underlying causes and find solutions, stakeholders diagram and problems and goals trees were used.

Causes pointed out are bad implementation of eco-responsability by the organisers, no implication of service providers int the approach and low awareness of public. To solve it different solutions have been proposed. Those adopted are sustainable development awareness of volunteers and naming of a person in charge within the organisation chart, fulfilment of win-win charters with suppliers and implementation of green units and incentive devices for waste sorting. The advantages and disadvantages of these alternative solutions have been evaluated. The overload of work for the first organisation, the necessary cross-sectors management, the higher prices for services and goods and the mobilisation of more volunteers could be negative points for the organisers. The aim is to convince them that such approach would have long-term effects : satisfactory of the volunteers, players and fans, quality of the organisation, durability of the partnerships, high notoriety based on values…

FFBaD has implemented these proposals for its own events and named a volunteer lead to persuade organisers of the others big badminton events, as french championships. Pool and share these practices participate in building sport heritage.


Nathalie HUET

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