Brigitte Deydier

Organisation for French Golf Federation

Needs for FFGolf to achieve a better governance  and share with territories aims and methods

A new organisation of territory (Law NOTRe) improved in France in 2016: 13 regional committees only. Fedration must implement this new territorial division.

The election of a new Federal Director Committee (Board), add to the new organisation of the golf regions are a real opportunity to a new start, a new organisation, a new policy for better efficaciency.

The missions of FFG are clearly define: to develop the practice for all (young, competitors, seniors, disabled people), increase number of golf players and get a golf champion(Top Ten in the worlding ranking list)

With the new territory, the responsabilities and missions of regional president had changed. How to improve relationship between regional and national levels?.How to share federal priorities with all on territories?

The region president are more interested by the local problems, local tournament organization, young players training than develop practice of sport, of golf

Until now, the region presidents were invited to participate at the National Board but they were not very active. They overall listened budget or sport policy or promotion plan but they could not vote  and influence the decision

There is a lack of dialogue between clubs and Federation, and the regional level must help to convince clubs and implement promotional plan

The next election is a unique opportunity to modernize governance, to implement a new organisation, closer from the field.

A solution to sensitize , to empower the region president is to purpose them a seat at the national Board. Presidents will endorse the national decisions and then manage the implementation in the clubs and the regions

It has been assumed that if the Board decisions are shared by the members, so the region presidents must implement them on the territory. The policy decided during the Board will be more understand, more supported and more efficient in the territories

Organising Major Sport Events in the French Golf Federation

French Federation of Golf is an association created in 1916. It is composed of more than 410 000 members. FFg is very ambitious and wish to attend one million golf members

There are around 800 golf courses and more than 2000 clubs all over the country.The mission of the Federation is to develop the practice for all, and to reach the highest level in competition.

After a hight developpement between 1980 and 2005 , in terms of implementation of courses and players, the courbe is flat. The fees’ players represent more than 75% of the French Federation budget. When membership is stagnant, the budget does not increase and it is very difficult to launch new actions

However many promotional plans are launched every year to push public toward the golf course and try golf, and on the other hand, many actions  invite the golf players(who are not members) to buy the federation fee.

The image of golf and golf player is not very attractive. Prejudiced ideas on Golf are strong: a sport for old people, expensive and that need to much time

In France it has been assumed that welcome an international sport event is a very efficient lever for increase practice of sport, eg foot in 1998, rubgy in 2007 etc

Organizing a great event could give a large exposure to golf. The FFG will have the opportunity to organize a lot of animations for all public during this event. It is a good time to develop the activity and to be more attractive for the media

For the federation, the decision to build and present a bid needs clubs agreement and balance budget


Brigitte DEYDIER