Nicole Stava

Managing Marketing in the Czech Golf Federation

The Czech Golf Federation (CGF) has decided to systematically improve the image of golf being a snobbish, expensive and boring sport. CGF is the umbrella organisation of 187 registered clubs in the Czech Republic (CZ). Existing since 1931, CGF is one of the funding members of the European Golf Association (EGA) in 1937. Its history brings a conservative and stable character, which naturally comes with a rather settled communication style. The current board of CGF has decided to plan a new marketing strategy. Up until now CGF had one employee who was in charge of marketing and communication/PR (M&C), beside other responsibilities, which ended in an intuitive M&C style without results. Current positive aspects for a successful image change is that golf has become an Olympic sport. Further, in CZ, golf has a great school project and it has a charity that hands out free children’s golf equipment. An important internal aspect is, that CGF has understood the importance of M&C and that it has to be professionalised. By using the methodology of “Problem Tree” and “Goal Tree” it has been identified that the   challenges that lay ahead now are, to explain the definitions of M&C to the CGF board, so that they can define if to assign a full or part time position to it. Later budgeting will be crucial in order to decide if to appoint an internal employee or if to outsource a professional agency. The budget has to be presented and agreed by the general assembly, so CGF can announce a tender for this new project. The M&C strategy should be the topic of the tender interviews. Once an employee or agency is chosen, an implementation and control system of the assigned strategy has to be set up. Based on the new CGF’s organigram the general secretary should be the superior who will oversee and control the M&C, supported by the sport director and president. If the general assembly will agree on the budget in fall 2017, the project can start in spring next year, after the tender completion.

Managing Strategically in the Czech Golf Federation

The Czech Golf Federation (CGF) faces a major challenge to its future development: it lacks a youth golf development strategy which would make sure to maintain and further develop the youth golf team through more qualified coaches. CZ has a well organised and sophisticated training system, divided into National (NTS) and Regional (RTS) level, through which it oversees and takes care of all new talents up to professionals. CGF registers a growing group of skilled young players and a good number of coaches. The problem is that only a small number of coaches are interested in working for the CGF to support the new talents and to train them towards a professional career. The reason for the low interest is that the coaches can earn more money for less work by teaching commercially, i.e. individuals and groups at golf courses. This creates a lack of high level trained coaches that could help the CGF’s NTS and RTS to develop better players. Nonetheless CGF has not little to offer. It has a good relationship with golf courses and training centres abroad, which are willing to take Czech coaches into their training for free. CGF has a very good reputation. Working for the organisation is considered a prestige, its  coaches and referees, who have a very good name internationally, are also highly sought after. These positive assets can help coaches, who are interested in a systematic career growth that could span even beyond Czech borders. The problem is that CGF does not communicate these non-materialistic gains well enough. Based on my research and later evaluation based on the “Problem Tree” and “Goal Tree” analysis, CGF should develop a motivation system and a communication strategy that would spread this information among all Czech coaches, primarily those who speak a foreign language.
It is proposed that a member of CGF staff (could be the new marketing employee, see “Managing Marketing”) develops two annual promo events and corresponding promotional materials distributed both in print and electronically. The estimated costs for the promotional activities would fit into the annual budget allocated to marketing activities. No extra resources would be necessary, if it would be organised with possible barter cooperations. The planning and execution can start right away.


Nicole Stava


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