Milena Moulisová

Organizing Major Sport Event in the Czech Basketball Federation

The Czech Basketball Federation (CBF) organizes and governs basketball in the Czech Republic.  The main aim of this case study is to propose concrete ways for the development of top youth basketball by the way of improving the organization of, and capitalizing on, a large youth basketball event – Prague Open – staged in the Czech Republic.

The CBF’s board has identified the organization of Prague Open – a girl´s international tournament for national teams of U16, U18 or U20 –  as a priority for the promotion of youth basketball in the Czech Republic. The tournament was organized for the first time in 2016, as part of preparation of the national U20 team. Even though the tournament was considered a success, many deficiencies have been identified. The event was not managed in a strategic way with an outlook to the future, its potential to attract youth and children to basketball was no properly used, the link to other CBF’s activities and events was not strong enough, and the set-up of the tournament proved to be at times difficult to operate.

With the tradition and experience the CBF has in organizing large basketball events in the Czech Republic, it is assumed that when managed strategically with a view to the future, Prague Open can become a major element in the promotion and development of youth basketball, and generally, of Czech basketball internationally. The management’s main aim should be to organize a good quality, successful and sustainable girls’ basketball events with an impact on the development of the sport.

Using the methodology of identification of problems and main solutions (SWOT, problem and goal trees), and of evaluating the solutions (generation of alternative solutions), the present case study has identified a number of pathways meant to contribute to reaching the above mentioned aim, including: activation of marketing department via structured leadership based on prepared strategy, finding financial resources or changing the tournament system.

If put in place, we are confident that the proposed solutions would not only help transforming Prague Open into a pinnacle of the development of youth basketball in the Czech Republic, but would contribute to the image of Czech Basketball as a sport which is popular, progressive and innovative. Furthermore, marketing of this event has huge number of possibilities how to bring more spectators to the gym, how to touch them with great program etc. and our sport department has the chance to educate coaches, referees but even the players by accompanying program.

Managing Strategically in the Czech Basketball Federation

Czech Basketball Federation (CBF) organizes and governs basketball in the Czech Republic.

This case study and strategy is created to improve and solve the problem that was named by governing bodies of the Czech Basketball Federation:

  • Decrease of quality players (teams) in top senior women´s basketball
  • Lack of quality youth coaches and leaders

Lack of quality coaches in CBF is settled as one of the reasons of insufficient quality players in top basketball besides other reasons (competitions, referees, marketing, regional federation etc.).

Sport Department of CBF is the supervised section that has to suggest and implement the new strategy plan.

The coaches and the players development are the main fields of research in this case study. Both are recommended to describe and improve. The field of research that I will describe is „leaders professionalization“ with enlarged impact to the whole country. As the first suggested solution would be professionalization of U15 and U16 coach as well as the pro-coach for minibasketball categories employed by CBF. They should set the certain preparation model and strategy in cooperation with methodological committee (clinics, seminars). And educate our youth coaches in proper development of young kids. The section focused on players will be supported  by Head of Youth Coach (already existing position) by leading the Camp of Hopes and Workshops all around the country.

Strategy that is going to be described is based on findings of quality of youth coaches that is really weak and that is influencing the long term development of  players. By SWOT and problem tree analysis I will try to suggest recommendations and set the strategy that can influence the most this problem and set the goal tree with solutions.

Professionalization of leader coaches has been assumed to increase the quality of present coaches as well as increase the number of youth young coaches hand in hand with long term aims of having the results in adult international competitions (European Championship U20 and women). We would like to keep all youth categories in A divisions of European Championships but the most important aim is to get back division A for U20 and be able to qualify periodically to women European championship.

To have the quality players able to achieve these goals we need to set the proper development of them by great coaches leaded by federation professionals.


Milena Moulisová

Head of Youth Basketball Coach for Girls, The Chairman of Girl´s Basketball Commitee

The Czech Basketball Federation


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