Snježana Jurinić

Managing Finance in the Sports Association of the City of Zadar

Financial structure is based on tree financial sources: the budget (state, local) and the economy (sponsorships, donations and media) and citizens. The budget is very limited and the main effort should be ensuring the income from sponsors and local donations. In this moment he staff is not prepared for ensuring the better revenue from other sources. There is still inadequate contribution of donations, dependency on national and local budget, low income from budget, big tax burden.

Keywords: the structure of finances, education and development of financial experts, new programs and donations.

Organising the Sports Association of the City of Zadar

The Zadar Sports Association is the main sports association founded for the purpose of achieving common interests in sports. The basic task of the Association is to take care of planning in its area, to organise, promote and to control the implementation of sports activities. The Association’s obligation, as an indispensable part of sports organisation in the Republic of Croatia, is to coordinate the activities of its members, to propose and implement a program of public needs in sport, care for athletes, professional staff, public presentation and promotion of sports values in the local community.

The main problem of the functioning of the Association is a small number of highly qualified and educated staff members of the sports community are emphasized, which would significantly enhance the quality of the Community’s work and also improve the inflow of donations from the budget limitations.

Keywords: management in the sports organisation, education of employees, lifelong learning


Snježana Jurinić


Sports Association of the City of Zadar