Bringing change by inspiring sport organisations

National Erasmus+: Sport Infoday

The Central State Office for Sports in Croatia organised the Erasmus+: Sport Infoday in cooperation with the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.


Poster presentation





The most interesting part of the programme was the time reserved for poster presentations of projects of applicants from Croatia. Among them, the SUCCESS project was presented. Around 90 participants were able to learn more about the objectives of the SUCCESS project and to get inspired not only to prepare the project proposal for the Erasmus+: Sport Call 2017 but also to introduce changes in own organisations regarding the access of women to leadership and top management positions. The feedback received by participants was very positive since they were eager to learn more about the projects that have received grants from the European Commission.


Ruszkowski, Papić & Preis-Bedenik

Among participants of the Erasmus+: Sport Infoday were two participants of the Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme – Ivana Ruszkowski and Nataša Preis-Bedenik – who were glad to be able to talk to participants about the training programme and to contribute to the promotion of the objectives of the SUCCESS project in Croatia.